Lockhart River #7

It was definately a bit ‘hairy’ heading down to the Pascoe River, big rocks & washouts, Peter did a great job manouvering the ute down. We did walk down first & walked across the river then up the other side just to make sure we weren’t dreaming that we could do it, its always a good idea to have a look & check out where you have to go then decide which way you are going to do it.

I’m glad we got down, across & up the other side because I wasn’t looking forward to having to turn around & go back the way we come, it could have been a long night. We got back to the house about an hour before dark so that ws good. The ute went very well & Peter’s driving skills did the job. πŸ™‚

Slowly motoring downhill to the Pascoe River

Definately didn’t want the tyres in that washout.
Did a bit of slipping & sliding but all ended well at this stage.
Now for the next stage.
Just about down to the water.
The Pascoe River – haven’t seen any crocs but will be keeping eyes peeled.
Definately did a bit of walking on this crossing, I obviously didn’t walk the same place as Peter because the 3 times I walked across the river it came up to my waist…haha.
Woo ho, now all there is to do is to get up the other side.
Doesn’t look pretty but the ‘old girl’ should be ok.
Nearly there.
The view from the top was awesome. We conquered the Pascoe River & survived. πŸ™‚

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