Lockhart River #6

WOW! after leaving Moreton Telegraph Station we headed south, just before we got to Batavia Station there was a track on the left(the Frenchman’s Track – you can u-tube it if your interested), its a short cut & just under 100klms – we decided to take it, it will bring us out on Portlands Road approximately 30klms from the Lockhart River turnoff but you still have to cross over the Wenlock & Pascoe Rivers so it should be interesting………hahaha. It took us 4 & 1/2 hours to complete the Frenchman’s track….

This is the beginning of the Frenchmans track – very good track.
Southern swamp crinum/String lily
Some massive termite mounds -actually lotz of them.
This track is too easy.
We got out of ute & walked quite a few crossings before going through, this is part of the entrance to the Wenlock River.
Here she comes.
No worries, she is a good old girl.
The mighty Wenlock.
The track continues.
Which side will we go…….
Here we go.
We took the right hand side as the left hand side looked like it would be more slippery to get out of.
Good choice.
Malabar melastome. They are everywhere but so pretty.
Always lotz of detours required.
There was a few other creek crossings, some a bit deeper than first thought.
Common swamp pitcher-plant. Apparently they attract mossies & eat them.
the book says & also the plant app I have that this is a Common swamp pitcher-plant……..
Here we go again, but not too deep & lotz of fun.

Woo ho. Just warming up for the Pascoe River crossing, we came across a motorbike rider, quad bike & suzuki 4wd, they said it was a bit hairy & didn’t take any vehicles across it………….we will find out soon.

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