Lockhart River # 5

Not sure if the ‘wet season’ has begun but we have had a bit of rain, hopefully more on the way. There are some amazing flowers blooming at present and the aroma from the gardenias is still in the air (mmmmm).

This last weekend (Fri 11th/Sat12th), we drove to Weipa. WOW! did the skies open along the way, we nearly turned back just in case we couldn’t get back, but we perservered – the rain was very intermittant & heavy at times. Once we got onto the Weipa road(Penisula Development Rd), the rain really pelted down, still intermittant but very heavy. Kept raining most of afternoon although I don’t think it rained much overnight. Saturday, after breakfast & a little bit of shopping we were off, we took the Batavia Rd, 75 klms from Weipa which took us to Bativia Station which backs onto the Development Rd heading north to the “tip”. We wanted to have a look at Moreton Telegraph Station as we were ‘caretakers’ there from January to April in 2013 – quite different from when we were there, the Wenlock was always in flood, either over the bridge or just under so seeing it like this was great.

Cephalaria leucantha – apparently in the honeysuckle family.
Old man’s beard also known as Travellers’ joy – apparently a noxious weed but still pretty.
Golden guinea tree/Red beech – they are flowering everywhere at the moment – beautiful.
Vito – Genipa americana – apparently a part of the coffee family
Poisonbulb/Swamplily/Spider lily, beautiful but not good for humans or dogs.
Chinese Hibiscus/Shoeback plant/Rose mallow -has quite a few different names.
Just got to love ‘fungi’……..
Lotz of these fellows along the road as we were driving to Weipa.
Before reaching Weipa town, we had to stop at the ‘haul road’ until we got the green light.
This is a good reason to stop, he is much bigger than us.
Even scarier when he gets closer…..
Moreton Telegraph Station, gate shut so we didn’t venture in.
The bridge over the Wenlock River on the Development Rd, next to Moreton Telegraph Station.
There is a far distance between the water level and the bottom of the bridge.
The Wenlock is so clear, clean & quite shallow in places. (quite inviting)
When in flood this was our spa(when we did our stint at Moreton), its on a creek that runs into the Wenlock (approx 500m from river)

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