Lockhart River #4

We have managed to go out in the boat a few times, whenever we can work the tides & weather, off we go(usually Friday, Saturday & Sunday as I work down at the community store the other days til lunch time). We stick to the Claudi River when its windy (I do not like white caps) but we will venture out again soon to the Lockhart River & maybe some of the islands. The Claudi is quite lovely, although we haven’t managed to get an eski full of fish we have managed to catch at least one keeper each time we have been out which has been yummo. We have caught mangrove jack, blue nosed salmon, flathead, bream, cod & a baracuda -all very delicious.

Before we left Cairns I bought myself a new camera so I am enjoying playing with it, hope to improve my skill BIG time but I imagine it will take time.

There are some amazing coloured butterflys, I am still trying to catch them but they don’t seem to like camera’s….haha. I will keep trying.

This last weekend just gone 5th & 6th December we took the boat into the Claudi & managed to catch 1 keeper each day, actually Saturday we caught 2 keepers but on Sunday after catching our 1 keeper we decided to go upstream more, we ventured to new waters – WOW! what a difference in vegetation & landscape. It was quite unique, palm trees everywhere lotz of birdlife although not possible to get pics, I too slow. It was very interesting, did find a facinating plant though.

The great Claudi River…
There are some amazing coloured butterflys, I need more practice but will keep trying.
Can you see the Queen in the top right fungi???????
Lotz of fungi…..such amazing stuff.
Lotz of these critters hanging around.
He was thinking – I like this photo……
Bush turkeys galore.
George the pig, he lives across & down the road but is a frequent visitor.
Wenlock Gardenia/Cape Jasmine – beautiful. I just love the gardenia family.
The mighty Claudi River – upstream
Hankerchief tree / Maniltoa browneoides – it was quite amazing.

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