Iron Range #3

WOW! we have been here at Lockhart River for over 5 weeks now. Time is definately going quick. Up to this stage there hasn’t been much rain, one day we had 47mls but since only small amounts of 3 ml to 7 ml but I imagine it will happen soon. The days have been good, does get warm but we always have a great breeze, I think our hottest day has been in the mid 30’s, it usually ranges from 30 -35 deg. A few days before we got here there was a rather large bush fire(apparently lit by the locals) – you get that, unfortunately it burnt out the orchard that was growing on the outskirts of the rain forrest & it was on of the main watering jobs for us to attend to -it even melted the tank to not much. The fruit trees were not happy & they still aren’t but I think there maybe a chance for a few of them if we get some m.ore rain. For several days & acouple of weeks, Peter spent a lot of time going back & forwards to the orchard area & beyond to look out for smoke & fires, there were a few logs smoldering which did start burning again due to the windy conditions After the rain we got it didn’t take long for a carpet of green grass to sprout & thankfully no smoke or fires to be seen but it was ongoing for a week or so to keep an eye out.

The lorikeets are in abundance & they do lotz of swarking . The Cape York Lily is beautiful & popping up everywhere.

At the moment we have lotz of lizards, a few different types (I think) but I still trying to find out info on them. Lotz of ants. Lotz of bush turkeys.

This is the remains of the tank.
This palm started to have regrowth even before any rain.
After the rain we had, it didn’t take long to get a carpet of green happening, hopefully some more rain will assist the fruit trees also.
Lotz of these critters around at the moment, not easy to get a photo of, they keep moving….haha
WOW! The Cape York Lily/White Turmeric – simply gorgeous
Peter quite likes playing on this toy, the washouts have been a ‘bit’ hairy but we survived.
Crimson Cattleya – another WOW! flower.
Lotz of these critters, not sure of the name but will keep working on it.
There is quite a few of these planted around, hopefully one may ripen in our time here.
Asian Coriander – apparently a weed, but it tastes great.
Native Lasiandra / Malabar Melastrome
Lotz of these – ‘white lipped frog’

Pandanus Tectorius (Tahitian Screw Pine)

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