Iron Range Research Station #2

We have a few different critters here cruising around the pods. Not a lot of them we actually see but you can hear them & see where they have been the next morning…haha

We went out boating 2 weeks ago, the boat ramp a little different, have to keep an eye on the tides – not good for mid-low tide & lower, but we will continue to try. It quite amazing where people just leave their boats, parked up on land, some have a motor others don’t. We tried our luck at fishing, put the boat in at Claudi River, the ramp not the most friendly although the sand flies were very friendly, then motored out to mouth, tried trolling – no joy so we went over towards the mouth of the Lockhart River – there is like a delta there of lotz of small islands -did some trolling & eventually caught a blue nosed salmon 53cms. That was our catch for the day, back to the boat ramp, no sand flies but getting close to the “don’t want to go there time” – all good. Fresh fish for dinner.

Last weekend we drove up the Chillie Beach (a very popular camp spot), nothing there but beach, WIND, a few toilets -nice but not our type of spot, alot of people go 4wding along the beach & also launch their boats for fishing off the beach, we not that keen but you never know. we then went to Portlands Road, not much here also – a boat ramp (which again is suitable at the right tide), we will try to go out here – will depend on the tides & wind being happy together. There is a cafe which is open Sat, Sun – 10am -2pm. Very nice, small but great food & cute.

There a lot of these critters around.
White lipped frog – we have quite a few of these critters too.
Peter likes this little toy.
People park there boats in some funny places, looked like they have parked in up for a while.
Yea – a blue nosed salmon – over the legal size too.
Chilli Beach – obvioiusly lotz of 4wd’s on beach by the tracks but we did see 2 near the water looking for oysters on the rocks.
Found this little treasure on the beach – not a millionaire but still good.
Mangrove roots – quite amazing really.
Not sure what this is, but seen along the road a lot – will work on it.
Entrance to the cafe at Portlands Road.
The lookout from our table.
Yummo lunch.
Saw this critter running off the road as we left Portlands Road,

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