Meetin up with ‘relations’

7 klms south of Babinda we drove to Mirriwinni, my second cousins Danny & Julie – crazy fisher people & awesome company, we spent 4 wonderful days with these guys – thanks it was great.

Danny & Julie took us driving, we went to the ‘Murdering Point Winery’ a boutique winery -mmm, did a little ‘wine tasting’ & got a couple takeaways. Our next stop was at Etty Bay, a 700m long beach approximately 15 kilometers south of Innisfail who have at least one resident cassowary(they have amazing strength in their legs & feet). Back home then for another round of 500 (the girls flogged the boys…haha) which was great fun.

Saturday (17/10/20) found us going to Deeral ( a little place 22klms north of Mirriwinni) to the Mulgrave River – Danny, Peter & me (Julie stayed at home waiting for the ‘grandies to arrive for their sleepover). It was fantastic, would have been even better if we caught some keepers but it was lotz of fun. Cards again tonight.

The next day we shared a great lunch with Julie, Danny, Jodie & 3 kids – we all went and had a dip in the Babinda creek, it was wonderful, a great family spot that was also used as a free camping spot, the water was clear & refreshing & not real deep – but wonderful. They had a great park area for families with good facilities. Jodie & the kids went home to Cairns & we had one more adventure, the water resource for Mirriwinni – WOW! Definately a little too fresh to indulge in a dip but a lovely spot, the vegetation was awesome. We gave the boys one more night to try & even up the scores in 500 – didn’t happen.

Monday morning, time to go back to Cairns, thanks Danny & Julie – we had a great time.

They had some beautiful orchids growing in the garden of this winery.
Julie, Peter & Danny checking out one of the locals..
Cassawary, apperntly he loves peoples picnics…….
A small but lovely beach, very popular spot.
Lets go fishing.
The mouth of the Mulgrave River.
Yea, Peter caught an edible fish.
Bugger….he wasn’t quite legal so he got to live another day.
Grandies having a good time with the ‘grandparents’.
This is a water sieve used to stop the majority of vegetation going down in the pipeline.
WOW! awesome ginger.
Some cute fungi too.

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