Forever Friends ….

Got to Cairns, did a few things then travelled to Cardwell (half way between Cairns & Townsville) on the 9th October 2020, our great mates Mandy & Raymond live here, its always a joy & so much fun to spend time with these folk. Thankyou so much Mandy & Raymond for sharing 3 nights with us in your home – awesome as always.

Back to Cairns, we went to a delightful resturant on the water(boat mariner) & shared a great meal. We organised a few things in Cairns then we went south again, 1st stop – Bramston Beach, WOW! what a beautiful spot, we camped about 30m from the high tide water mark, there were hundreds of starlings nesting in one particular tree, we didn’t park too close to them. Next day we called into Babinda for a coffee, apparently Babinda & Tully vie for the ‘wettest town award’ every year. We drove out to the boulders, had a few light showers of rain but we still did the small walk, quite a spectacular area & very beautiful but also dangerous if you venture where you shouldn’t.

Mandy overseeing the cooking – what a great job they both did.
Hinchinbrook Island
Mandy in her hometown of Cardwell.
Driving through Tully, you cannot miss the sugar mill chimneys in full force, even in wet weather.
Dinner at Cairns overlooking the bay.
Dinner before we started.
Dinner demolished – yummo.
Saw this ginger plant flowering while walking the streets of Cairns.
Bramston Beach Park
Lotz of starlings were nesting in this particular tree, the night before we got here was windy & quite a few branches with nests were on the ground the next morning but there was hundreds of the birds.
Beautiful elkhorns, orchids & ferns can be found just up from the beach.
A flowering Beach Almond – the fruit is edible & just like a normal almond you buy in the store but smaller.
We called into Babinda for a coffee & found this delightful sculpture – amazing how clever some people are.
The allocated swimming area of the Babinda Boulders – quite lovely but a little too cool for us.
It was great going for the walk…….

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