Hots Springs for a treat.

After leaving Mitchell River for the 2nd time – wow! both awesome spots to camp up for the night, we headed towards Chilagoe (once known for its mining of a range of minerals but now a small zinc mine & marble quarries).

We drove through a few old mining area’s, majority of them were mining tin, these days – who knows but they are still utilised. Lotz of little towns full of history.

There are lotz of tracks going off the in every direction, you spend weeks checking them out, getting lost but having fun. Saw quite a few brumbies & they were all in pretty good condition considering the lack of rain & environment.

Innot Hot Springs – very nice, they have 3 outside pools & I think 2 indoor pools. A nice camping area & the pub walking distance for dinner – 🙂

Driving into Chilagoe – this is the main street.
A few of these beauties in the main street of Chilagoe – Embrert (Scrambling clerodendrum), apparently parts of this plant are used in tradional medicines.
We camped up just off the road near a waterless creek, very quiet & peaceful.
A little bit of interesting history.
This is how the countryside looks.
There was a few brumbies around – these 2 looking pretty good.
The road just keeps going – quite good really.
Life has been difficult in these areas in earlier years & probably still now.
Found this family enjoying the Montalbion Town water supply.
More interesting history bits from the town of Irvinebank.
We parked up under some amazing ‘ficus’ tree’s – weeping fig. They were magnificent.
We saw lotz of ‘blackboys’ (grass tree’s) & they were beautiful.
WOW! Innot Hot Springs – this is the pub, great meal.
Our next camp, just before Kuranda, not too exciting but we just set up & went to bed.

One thought on “Hots Springs for a treat.”

  1. Thankyou Kerry for your hard work 😓 in getting all these lovely, interesting stories and pictures of your travels, and compiling them so we can see what you are up to and where you are, we love following you around
    Keep safe, and well love to you both 😘 😚


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