Moving on from the Gilbert River (north QLD)

What a beautiful time of day, watching the sun rise over the Gilbert River -the bird life is quite active this morning. The collection time for the parliment pots… exciting. we did okay, got about a dozen mixed size, they will taste good.

The next night we camped on the Mitchell River, once again a lovely spot & all to ourselves. we put in the partlimount house pots & managed to catch approx a dozen cherabin. The following night we camped on the Mithcell River again but about 100klms upstream (Hughs Crossing)- a really, really, really nice camp although there was someone on the other side of the river, once again we baited up the pots (dry dog food, very easy) & we caught about 20 keepers.

Not sure if this fellow was a ‘great egret’ or the ‘intermediate egret’, I imagine he would be the 2nd one as they are very common in the northern areas of Australia ……..? But still an awesome bird.
A Hawkins side tipper, carting gravel from Normanton to Kowanyama approximately a 5 hour drive each way.
Burdekin ducks on a mission.
Happy snappers always around.
Sunrise, what a beautiful time of day.
Jabiru – what a magnificent bird.
Woo ho – not a bad catch – approx a dozen all up, dinner to tonite
I think fellow saw a Happy snapper & ?????????
On the road again, this road train was going a little faster than us so we pulled over.
Passed quite a few brumbies.
Our camp – Mitchell river.
This causeway is covered in a type of matting – quite interesting.
There was quite a few crows.
Lotz of kites keeping an eye on things.
Honeyeaters in big numbers.
The doves were plentiful & put quite show on while I was drinking my cup of tea.
Wild mangrove flower.
Small seed pods growing wild over a dead tree – Loofah (Luffa Aegyptiaca)
On the road again, the road was very good.
Quite a few moo’s along the way.
Our next stop, Hughs Crossing – Mitchell River again, approximately 100klms from our last camp.
We had an amazing camp site.
This fellow flew across the causeway empty & came back an hour later loaded up with cattle.
The pee-wee’s were having a great time.
More Burdiken ducks.
Our catch overnite.
It was a fantastic camping spot.

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