Leaving Normanton – WOW!

September 29th we departed Normanton for the next amazing adventure in our life…….yea!

The 1st night we stayed on the Gilbert River – what an awesome spot & our campsite was the best. The Jabiru’s were beautiful – what an amazing bird they are, saw some fish movement but we didn’t wet a line BUT we did put in the parliment pots so look out 2moro. The sunset was lovely. Quite a few ‘happy snappers’ but I think they are freshies.

I know the signs says welcome to Normanton but I couldn’t find a “farewell from Normanton”…..hahaha

When you are travelling this is a very popular sign.
We will go as far as Chillagoe then change direction slightly.
When travelling on gravel roads its always a good thing to let some air out the tyres – makes life much easier if problems arise.
Soooooo many of these to be seen.
Passed a few Hawkins side tippers along the way – definately a good idea to get off the road when any roadtrain comes along.
Our camp for the night on the Gilbert River.
This critter kept his eye on us.
The Corella’s were very prolific & loud…..
These 2 characters did a few miles but they always stayed together- Burdikin ducks
This Jabiru is definately a good fisher bird – a reasonable size catfish for dinner.
This freshie was doing a little sunbaking.
This little piggy needed a drink, I’m sure he wasn’t that little (I was a long distance from him) -there was lots of signs that the pigs liked this area.
Quite amazing, I watched this fellow dig a hole a few metres from waters edge to find water to drink – very ‘croc’ savy.
This fellow not so timid……
But the freshies are always around.
WOW – a pink grader. Actually this fellow is based in Normanton.
A shag drying out.
But……… they are always around.
Dinner time, I think she had another one in the pouch…..
Isn’t it surprising how trees can survive growing on the edge of banks with their roots exposed.
The sun setting on the Gilbert River.S
Always need at least one scary pic…hahaha

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