Normanton #12

WOW! another weekend off – we had booked the boat (Dory) in for a service at Karumba, dropped it off Thursday arvo & picked it up Saturday morning – We decided to have a look at Karumba in the water, was awesome, got a little windy later on in the day but was a wonderful day – we even managed to catch a fish keeper – ‘blue nosed salmon’, sorry no pic.

This is our last Normanton blog, we have 9 days left of work (no days off) then we heading Cairns way, we are taking the Chilagoe Rd but I not sure if we will have much service but I will try to take lotz of pics.

Keep smiling. 🙂

This is an amazing boat ramp in Karumba – its very boat launching happy.
Karumba Point – a very popular spot especially to feast on some local take away fish & chips.
Leichardt River quite a beautiful spot – during the wet season & if good rain there is water running over the rock cliffs – ‘Leichardt Falls’
Windmill in the background.
The roadwork water trucks fill up their tankers from here, this fellow works for Hawkins so we stopped for a chat & a wander.
A very beautiful spot, but apparentley there are ‘big’ happy snappers here so no swimming.
Passed a few of these boys on the way back to Normanton.
The birdlife is pretty amazing.
Lotz these termite hills around, they look like a massive cementry.
Gravel off loaded waiting to be flattened..
Quite a few of these characters too, although a lot of their family/friends spread out on the road – makes the bird life plentiful.
Crossing over the Bynoe River saw this fellow having a bit of a look.
Bynoe River.
Sun setting 30 minutes from Normanton – saw quite a few black cockies hanging in the trees.

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