Lockhardt River here we come.

23rd October 2020. WOW! we finally got everything sorted, put the ‘KK’ into storage & collected the boat, filled the boat & ute with shopping & away we go. We are headed to Lockhardt River approximately 800klms from Cairns.

Our 1st night we camped up at a free camp just outside of Mt Molloy – Rifle Creek rest area, a great spot, good toilets & a cold shower which was refreshing. We managed to have a little campfire & thanks to Danny & Julie we were having ‘coral trout’ for dinner. We had an enjoyable night under the stars in our swag, it was quite a busy camp spot but there was heaps of room.

Our 2nd nite on the road, we cheated & stayed at a caravan park in an onsite caravan for the nite at Cooktown, we were meeting up with a guy we met at Normanton, it was nice to see him & meet his lady, the aircon worked well in the onsite van too…hahaha.

Drove out next day & passed lotz of sugar cane being harvested & then transported on the small trains with lots of cane aboard. We drove along Battlecamp Road which was really good, came across Isabella Falls – quite a pretty place, would be awesome with more water but there was a small fall still running, this is near where the first lot of gravel was beginning so it was a good spot to let some air out of the tyres.

We came a across a few hawks feasting on roadkill but there wasn’t a lot of roadkill on our travels so far which was good, the vegetation was very dry & need of a good drink. We passed ‘white lily lagoon’ & ‘red lily lagoon’ neither lagoon had any flowering lilies although white lagoon has some jabiru’s, red lagoon didn’t have any water either. As we were getting closer to Musgrove Station the clouds were getting darker, a couple of emus ran across in front of us but I was a little slow with the camera. The decision not to swag & get a room was easily decided once the skies opened …..hahah, once we got to Musgrave Station. There was a lovely mare & her foal in the house yard – he was a cutie.

Next morning, back on the road, we stopped after about 2 hours & decided to have some breaky – thanks again to Danny & Julie, coral trout – yummo(it had defrosted & needed to be eaten but it was awesome). Quick pit stop at Archer River roadhouse then on the road again.

The cane season has been running for a while now all.
A camp at Rifle Creek near Mt.Molloy – great spot.
Button Orchid, they are very popular in Cairns & can be found on lots of paperbark trees.
Its that time……
Didn’t see any white lilies.
But did see a few of these fellows – so gorgeous.
So dry, not much water around in the creeks or rivers.
Musgrave Station -roadhouse
Peter cooked up some coral trout for breaky – yummo. He did a great job too.
Very dry countryside.
Archer River Roadhouse found us parked up with some of the local girls, they weren’t too worried.
The roads were really quite good, the worst section being on Portlands Road to the Wenlock River.
The Wenlock River crossing on Portlands roads.
Saw quite a few gravel truck tippers along the way & their dust.
Unfortunately there was a lot of burnt country also.
The mighty Pascoe River – not a lot of water at present, but it will come…
Beautiful weeping bottle brush tree’s in the river bank.

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