Normanton #9

Days off again – time flys when you having fun……..

This time we headed north, north-east along the road to Chilagoe, came across a family of wild pigs, Mum & bubs went one way & Dad went in a different direction – clever animals. Obviously saw heaps of cattle all swanning around waterholes & the roadside, where the cattle were was also lotx of brolga’s. Drove past a few Station entrance’s – Van Rook was very eye catching. Crossed over the Gilbert River, it definately has the ‘wow’ factor but there was some rather large signs saying no camping etc so we drove on, after about 70klms we drove over a dry creek called Wyaaba Creek & turned left, there were a couple of waterholes(brown looking water), the area had been recently burnt out as there was still a few stumps still smouldering but then we came across a lovely fresh looking pond – our camp for the nite & we had a few critters around. We had a great little fire happening & Peter’s cooking definately hits the spot. It is always nice to get away & see different area.

On way home we drove to Karumba & had early dinner, fish & chips by the sea – so yumm.

These little tackers were pretty quick on the foot.
These guys were very content, didn’t bother moving when we slowed down, took pics & drove past – cute little fellows hey!
The Gilbert River – WOW! it was very picturesque.
Our campsite, worked a treat.
This fellow kept one eye on us…haha, our camp was about 20m from his sunbaking spot.
Our swag – its very comfy.
Even though most of the grass had been burnt out the vegetation around the pond was green & quite plentiful.
‘A happy camper’
Peter nearly stood on this fellow…..
Couldn’t find the name of this fellow in my book, probably have a ‘blonde’ moment….haha
I went for a walk in ‘Wyaaba’ creek, obviously a well trodden creek, but still quite lovely & the grevillia’s were just beginning to flower.
We caught these 2 blue claw in the brown water ponds – we did the catch & release thingi!
Caught this ‘sleepy cod’ in the clean pond at our camp – catch & release again, although they are very tasty.
He was watching as we retreived our pots.
Drive back, saw lotz of these critters.
& quite a few of these also.

We drove to Karumba & had fish & chips by the sea along the way I noticed a willy willy.

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