Normanton #10

WOW! days off again. SO good. 11th/12th July.

We drove to Mt. Isa, along the way we stopped at the Burke & Wills roadhouse for breakfast & seemed to have a few friends..

Did some shopping & relaxed, was nice. We left Mt Isa Sunday morning & drove towards Camoweal (towards the NT border), after 120klms we turned left heading to the Gregory River, was an interesting drive, we drove past quite a few stations. Gregory River is a lovely looking spot, is fresh water so NO salt water crocs but there is proabaly a few freshies around but we may come back here & camp along the river – it is quite beautiful. We had a counter luch at the pub which was quite nice, no need for social distancing – we were the only ones there…..haha but a few people die call in for fuel.

Back in the yard at Normanton, Peter does have a couple of hairy jobs…….

The sunsets have been providing us with some amazing colours.

I go walking with a guy I work with, it is always interesting. We find some interesting sites.

We stopped at Burke & Wills Roadhouse for breakie & these critters keep a keen eye on us.
Ptilotus Exaltatus.
After the bitumen the road was very good in most parts, some parts were a bit hairy.
What amazing signage – metal artwork is fantastic.
Ringers moving cattle along the road.
The Gregory Hotel.
The Gregory River – looks like an awesome spot
Melaleuca Linarifolia.
We found some long horn moo’s along the way.
The Flinders River.
The Bynoe River, on one side of the river there was heaps of cockies in the trees.
Peter & the boys emptying some very long & heavy metal framework from the truck.
Great sunsets in Normanton.
The bloke I go walking with the majority of the time.
This all part of the local water supply for Normanton.

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