Normanton # 8

Just a quickie.

We are on days off again this week-end, not sure yet where we are going but we will go somewhere. Had quite an easy day today (quite surprising) I think it will be a build up for tomorrow as Fridays are never nice, they are early start, late finish & usually no break!!!!! We look forward to our time off & now as restrictions are easing we can check out a few more places.

Keep smiling. 🙂

A new moon still there just before sunrise.
Full moon still shining, daybreak due soon.
Peter & the other 2 boys unloading a very long hoist that came over from Cairns in a fridge van truck (fridge not on).
Getting the fire happening, have marinated chicken bits on the BBQ 2nite & coleslaw with a few friends up here.
My nephew Darren made this BBQ while at high school – its wonderful, not sure how I scored it but its a keeper.
My sunflowers are trying hard & they haven’t had an easy life………
We are getting closer.
WOW! – they are still beautiful even though they are a little ‘special’
I see the sunflowers & they make me think of Harry below – what a joy he is.
I don’t think this little fellow will be a vegetarian early in life….haha. He is so cute.

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