Normanton # 7

Weekend off – yea. 13th & 14th June 2020..

We met up with great mates Jenelle & Darren Brincow from Georgetown at a cute little river approximately 50klms east of Croydon – callegoodd Little River. We left Normanton as the sun was dawning so I tried to capture a few pics. Lots of wallabies on the drive to Croydon, luckily we did not harm any although there was quite a lot of road kill around. We called into Croydon for breakfast which was quite yummy then we drove to ‘LittleRiver’ – our camp spot for the night. –

Was awesome to catch up up Jenelle & Darren again, had a few beverages, played some cards & actually caught a snack to share. We managed to use our swag for the first time, it was very comfy, the fire was awesome.

Our catch for the night was 1 good size cherabin & 5 regular redclaw.

On our way back to Normanton we stopped in at Lake Belmore at Croydon, quite a lovely spot but unfortuneately no camping allowed.

Little River
Relaxing on the causeway over the river thinking about preparing our parlimount pots to try & catch some cherabin or redclaw overnite.
Preps are happening…
Placing the pots in strategic spots – hopefully.
Back to where we have parked up for the night, approx 150m from the river.
It was a beautiful camp fire.
This is the first time we have used our new swag (purchased March 2019) – it was really good.
Jenelle & Peter on the causeway.
Jenelle collecting our pots th enext morning.
Yea – we managed to catch a snack.
A beautiful wattle is in full flower.
Lookout overlooking Croydon township.

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