Normanton #6

WOW! we have been here nearly 11 weeks – time flys when you are having fun.

Peter & I have been working lotz, but we do have every second weekend off which is awesome. We go driving & check out a few different places, we drove to Mt. Isa & did some food shopping etc. It is always nice to get away just for a night.

The sun is rising as we drive south along the Burketown Development Rd towards Mt Isa, which is also a part of the Matilda Way towards the Barkly Highway, the turn off is approx 5klms left to Cloncurry & 110klms right to Mt Isa.
Passing over the ‘Flinders River” along the way – quite picturesque at this hour of the day, we actually camped here on our way to Normanton for the first time, there was more water then.
WOW! what majestic birds – there is lotz of road kill along the road so the wedgetails are plentiful.
A little ‘canoodling’ happening I think.
Not sure here of the action but both birds took off & this is the result, no falling feathers.
Lotz of these too…..
Driving back to Normanton from Mt. Isa
WOW! Tommy Ck – must have been named after our ‘Tommy’ – Peter’s grandson.
No water but nice.
WOW! My Harry – this must be for him, Jenna’s son, my 1st grandie.
A few locals.
Quamby – was originally built as a customs house in 1860’s, 1921 converted to a hotel. It was used as a staging post for Cobb & Co stage coaches who required fresh horses.
Lotz of road kill.

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