Normanton #5

I have trying to do a little walking around the area, one of the blokes I work with is a keen walker so we do a few walks together. This day we walked behind the airstrip through a few paddocks & about 3 barb wire fences & came across the Normanton Race track, rodeo grounds, show ground & coucil pound – interesting. Came acroos a few happy critters in the shape of horses but not the racing kind. The mosaics at the road entrance to this joint are amazing.

Just down the road from here is the Golf Club/Scout hall – apparently it is a 6 hole course, no green fees or membership required if you want to have a hit, not sure about the scouts – not sure if it is currently operational.

We then crossed through another barb wire fence & came to the ‘dead centre’ – so many artificial flowers blowing around the grounds but it seemed to be reasonably maintained, then into town & back to home (hawkins transport freight yard), walked approximately 8klms so thats okay.

The sunsets vary from boring to exquisite, of course I never seem to have the camera or phone handy at the right time…….. The full moons are amazing.

Our ‘KK’ setup is quite good, we have containers around us & a few caravans but all is good. We have a small vege patch & will have flowering sunflowers soon, the vege patch has had a hard life, one of the mechanics dogs took a liking to digging it up for me but things are stilll growing….haha

The race track & starting gates, not sure when they were last used but no recent racing here.

These guys seem to live on the inside of the track & look happy enough.

These 3 mosaic posters were at the entrance to the Racetrack/ rodeo grounds & show grounds – they are really good.

A joint organisation was once in place, from what the locals tell me not many individuals participate in either area.

T-off area for hole #6, we walked down this fareway.

They haven’t mowed the fareway lately.
Looking at the green, watch out you don’t hit the rake.
The sun setting in Normanton, some days its quite specky.
The moon going down early morning, looking through an old franna crane.
The moon shining brightly in the middle of the day.
Our ‘KK’ set up, we are surrounded by containers & a few caravans but we have a little vege patch & we shall have some sunflowers flowering shortly.

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