Normanton #4

We had last weekend off & because restrictions were lifted a few days prior we were allowed to drove 500klms, we took a trip to Georgetown 300klms from Normanton to visit great mates Jenelle & Darren who we met in Tassie – they are managing the Goldfields Caravan Park. It was a nice drive, we called into Croydon & got a snack then continued on our way.

Awesome time with Jenelle & Darren at Georgetown, spent the night sitting by a fire spinning a few yarns……hahaha. Garfield the caravan cat is pretty cute.

Called into Cumberland Chimney & Dam to have a look – a really nice spot.

Welcome to Croydon, very cute.
We actually saw quite a lot of these live critters while driving to Georetown.

The Croydon Club Hotel, just over half way to Georgetown.

Not long after Croydon we passed a few riders moving their moos to a different location along the highway.
Crossing the Etheridge River at Georgetown
Spent the night with great mates – Jenelle & Darren who are managing the Goldfields Caravan Park.
“Garfield” – the caravan park cat, 14 years young.
Had a couple of butcherbirds & babies hanging around
Always the bower birds make their presents felt.
Party time…………lotz of fun.
The morning after…
A couple of families of wild pigs enjoying the water & waters edge.
Peter checking the pigs out.
Called into Cumberland Chimney & Dam, approximately 20klms west of Georgetown on our return trip – quite a lovely spot.
Last nights dessert which didn’t happen so enjoyed it with a coffee at this quite amazing spot. Jenelle is a fantastic cook. 🙂
Snazzy looking ablutions although I did not test them out.
This was seen on both sides of the road to the Cumberland Chimney.

4 thoughts on “Normanton #4”

  1. Hey Kerry love to read your blogs and when I see mum I show her which she loves to see thankyou for the time you take to do this it’s quite an effort on your behalf I am sure.
    So glad you two are keeping well and it appears enjoying life in this crazy world.
    Love 💕 you both xxoo


    1. Great to hear from you Mary, Hope all is well down in the cooler country although we have had a few cool mornings, 11deg af few times in the mornings.
      We off to Mt.Isa this weekend to do a little shopping.
      Keep smiling.
      Lotz luv.K &P 🙂


  2. Love reading your blogs and adventures and your pics are always lovely. All well here, actually enjoyed Corona isolation, I’m not working for 10wks, according to Ed Qld apparently I’m a vulnerable worker being over 65, woohoo….. got to get some good things out of getting older.
    Thoroughly loving my time off, seeing a lot of Harry (oh and also Jen) Jen comes over a couple of times a week at 6am and goes off for a 10klm run. When she gets back, she takes Harry and I for a walk. On a Monday, I head over in the morn so she can go to her training session, Harry and I head out for a walk in the pram. I’m loving it, didn’t realise I would be so smitten with a grand baby. And of course he’s a good bub.
    Ross and I are well, spending time sorting out cupboards and reorganising photo albums into electronic files. Nice to slow down.
    Love for now, Rob and Ross

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    1. Sounds you & Ross having some quality time with great adventures coming back to life with your photos.
      All good here in Normanton, we have this weekend off so we driving down to Mt Isa & do a bit of shopping.
      I very jealous of all your ‘Harry’ time….hahaha but I do miss the little fellow.
      Stay safe & healthy.
      Looking forward to catching up at the end of the year.
      Keep smiling.
      Lotz luv. K & P 🙂


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