Normanton #3

Settling into the life of ‘freight managers’ here at Normanton, life is very busy the majority of the time which is good especially during this ‘corona thingie’ – but now that we get every 2nd week-end off it is great to get away & do something. The ‘KK’ has been awesome we are very happy with her, I started a vege patch into some tyres & also a couple of pods, the young couple next door were keen too but ‘have no idea – their words’, so they put in heaps of seed as well -I looking after it. It is going okay except the pumpkin beetle just about demolished the pumpkin seedlings ( I still not sure if they are going to recover – its a waiting game).

We drove to Karumba about amonth ago, got most awesome fish & chips so yum, took them to a different beach than last time – beautiful spot, we even took a rod & threw a few lures – no joy, so we walked up the beach to a rocky area, while there we were greeted by the local police – You should not be here, even though I had proof we drove to Karumba for work, they said you not allowed on beach & DEFINATELY no fishing. Karumba has not been very friendly for us but as of last weekend we can now drove 5ooklms so we might try Karumba again in the near future………hahaha

We took a drive up river again a little way & it is rather lovely, caught no fish but had an enjoyable time. The lillies are amazing.

Our ‘KK’ is our home in Normanton, the beginnings of our vege garden on the right hand side with “mr moon” watching over us.
Decorations inside our KK – supposed to assist with bug control, we don’t have mosies inside BUT we do have stink bugs, apparently everyone has them here, so weare not special…….
Our vege patch is progressing, sunflowers growing really well.
Poor old pumpkin seedlings getting demolished by the pumpkin beetle.
The pumpkin seedlings prior to their demolition (background)
Happy hour while the sun going down at camp, doesn’t happen too often usually still working.
I had a friend in the shower with me.
Karumba, such a beautiful spot.
So love my pelicans – such a graceful,beautiful bird.
Heaps of bait fish around.
This hermit crab had no intentions of leaving his home while I was holding the camera.
On the way back to Normanton, we saw quite a few families of brolga’s, these chicks nearly as big as Mum & Dad.

This family of brolgas were not very photogenic, they bolted.

I know they are a weed but they looked pretty.

Different parts of the Norman River – quite beautiful but have to be very watchful of the ‘happy snappers’, they are rather large up this way.

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