Normanton #2

WOW! we have the weekend off.

Went for a drive along the Gulf Development rd, the only sealed road linking Cairns & Normanton, to Glenore Weir (on the Norman River) which is only 23klms away & half of that we took a short cut on a gravel road – quite an interesting spot. I have never seen a ‘concrete fish ladder’ before, it was approximately 60m long & it looked like there was at least 3 resonably sized stingrays stranded in a few sections there, hopefully they will eventually find a way out. We did throw a few lures but didn’t manage to catch anything other than a little mossy weed. On our way back we drove past ‘Beards Access’ & what a delightful sign they had, although it was closed there were a few ‘happy campers’ set up there, maybe they were self isolating….. Just down the road from this spot was a cute little lane to the river & what a sign they had..haha. We drove down & threw a few lures with out any outcome of fish. Before heading home we took a dirt track off ‘old croydon road’ (there are lotz of tracks off to the river) & instead of crossing the railway we followed it for quite a while & came across Clarina Railway Station – it was next door to a beautiful lagoon full of lilies & a few broken dtry own old benches & tables, was obviously something useful a few years ago. We headed home but on way way decided to our luck with some parliment house pots to see if we could get any cheribin, so we put them in the river & we will collect them tomorrow.

One of the guys we work with, does the Karumba drop offs & pick ups 3days a week, he brought 3 mudcrabs back with him & decided he didn’t want them & gave them to us……..yummo, all I had to do was cook them & eat them – 🙂

We even played upwords too last night!

Today we went collected our pots – not a real good result a couple of cheribin)(but we will use them for bait, I did catch a resonable size catfish in a pot too but we released him. We took a drive just outside of town on the Karumba rd then took a left towards Shady Lagoon Station – saw so many beautiful liles.

Glenore Weir. (I think the weir raising project is finished as there was no signs of anything going to happen in the near future).

The fish ladder – quite amazing.

2 stingrays trying to find a way out in this section

This fellow was next door trying to find an exit.

Bottom part of the weir.

This is a recreational & camping site which has closed signs on both entries, but the sign was cute.
What clever signage for this street.

Clarina Railway Station

They even had a bench seat for possible passengers….
But they did have a beautiful lagoon right next door.
A vege patch hopefully.

Yummo – mudcrabs for dinner.

We sometimes get to play upwords – ?????stress relief….hahaha

Our catch from the cheribin pots.
Alway such beautiful little spots along the way.

The lilies are beautiful & so abundant in all the lagoons & small water holes in the area.
This fellow was quite happy too amongst the lilies.

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