Bruny Island, Tasmania

We took the ferry from Kettering(mainland Tassie) to Bruny Island, quite a nice place & has some great walks. We parked up on a National Park camp located on ‘the neck’, it is a narrow isthmus separating north & south Bruny Island – a great camping spot with awesome toilets.

We took a few drives which enabled us to venture into the ‘wilderness’, our first little jaunt – Mt Mangana, 1 ½ hour trek, 60 mins up hill then 30 mins downhill. Saw some cute fungi & amazing tree stumps, the view okay but not easily accessed.

Had to visit the Bruny Island Hotel for lunch – very yum, obviously that’s why people recommend it. We drove out to Cape Bruny Lighthouse, a very popular tourist spot then drove out to the Jetty Rd campground & went on a short circuit walk for couple hours – very enjoyable.

On the ferry just about to disembark onto Bruny Island.

Our camp setup on the ‘neck’.

Went for a walk to the beach just before dark & saw a black bunny.

The beach was a 5 minute walk from our camp, lovely but not warm enough for me to get wet.

Very cute fungi.

This tree base was enormous.

You can actually see some salmon farms in the background, there are so many of them around Tassie.

The “Neck” has a well know penguin rookery which is a BIG tourist attraction, we drove down one night & saw a few of these critters.

On route to the Cape Bruny Lighthouse, quite specki.

Cape Bruny Lighthouse

On our little trek – Luggaboine Circuit to Jetty Rd beach.

Called into the Bruny Island Cheese Comp – fantastic cheese tasting spot – so yumm

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