Cockle Creek

Cockle Creek is a tiny settlement, the farthest point south one can drive in Australia, approx. 148klms from Hobart via the Huon Hwy. It is located on the Recherche Bay on the edge of the Southwest National Park, part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Apparently it rains 212 days of the year here at Cockle Ck, we were so lucky because we only got a small sprinkle which didn’t even require a cover.

It was a beautiful place to camp & quite popular, we decided not to put the boat in & fish instead did a few walks. We were here from the 15th – 18th March, 2019.

The day we arrived, the sun going down.

Morning after, it was beautiful.

I went for an early morning walk with my cup of tea..

Woo Ho! 7.7klms one way should be lotz of fun.

Yep – we looking keen.

We nearly there…….. only a few more steps to go.

One of these pictures is the most southern point of Australia – no one else has breathed this air we are sucking into our lungs, I thought that was pretty amazing.

There were people over there in the waves surfing……..haha, crazy.

Tried to find name but didn’t happen, but they were lovely.

This was a monster ant, they grow them big in Tassie, we have seen a few in different places down here.

He just loves steps….

It was an intersesting track with lotz of different vegetation.

Tunnels through the forests

He made it..

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