Port Arthur continues

Lotz of wildlife roam around the camp grounds at Fortescue Bay, we saw wallaby’s, paddy melons & possums, no doubt there are wombats & maybe a few devils around but they did not come into sight.

Tasmania has a large amount of road kill happening especially in the possum family, the only wombats & devils I have seen so far have been leg up also. But Tasmania does have lotz of public toilets & they are well maintained – its really quite surprising but in a good way.

So many critters.

This fellow was a constant visitor & liked to check out the majority of the camp sites.

This paddy melon liked to munch on banana skins.


We dined here for late lunch/early dinner – lightly bread crumbed atlantic salmon, chips & salad – delicious.

The view was easy on the eye while we enjoyed our food.

Saw these steel cutouts during our drive.

Flowering T-Tree

It was a beautiful view.

The legs are feeling these steps, luckily there wasn’t as many as yesterday.


It is quite ‘remarkable’.

Yep, he loves the steps.

Toilets everywhere.

Awesome colours these berries.

Passed this bay on the way back from Remarkable Caves.

Don’t see many of these swings around anymore.

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