Bruny Island #2

Bruny Island for us has been interesting, no boat in the water but we did some walks instead. It’s a beautiful island & definitely got our heart rate beating lotz at times. The weather was reasonably kind to us

Of course, we went left via Mars Bluff, but came back via the beach.

It was definitely a walk to get the heart pumping…..

You can’t see his face but he is ‘smiling’.

Penguin burrows – there was heaps of them.

More fungi!

He’s on the way.

Cape Queen Elizabeth.

Yea – we made it.

Views over the ‘neck’ with lotz of misty rain happening.

We walkied back along the beach for some of the track.

He really enjoyed the ‘beach’ walk….haha

Here comes the ferry to take us back to the mainland at Kettering.

Newbies get off…..

We climb on board.

WOW! What an amazing market at Salamanca, Hobart, Tasmania.

So many people, produce & products.

& one ‘happy’ little vegemite enjoying the markets…..LOL!

Walked past this beautiful American Trumpet Vine In someones front garden.

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