Goodbye Tasmania – March 2019

Our last morning in Hobart, it was glorious, the sun was shining & looking over the water was lovely, there was a large cruise liner docked.

We drove out to Lime Bay a 1300 hectare secluded reserve consisting of sheltered beaches & eucalypt plantations, the campground is approx. 12klm SW of the small fishing town of Dunalley. WOW! It is a great spot but for the first 2 days & nights it the wind blew madly, we were cold & sand blasted BUT it improved. 2 very good friends arrived the day after us, so we had lotz of fun playing cards in their caravan until the weather improved. Wendy & Jack (Queenslanders – no wonder they were so nice), worked at the Pondering Frog with us. Peter & Jack put the boat in late 1 afternoon, caught lotz of flathead but no keepers. The next day Wendy went out with the boys & yes – we had fish for dinner that night.

It is a very beautiful camping spot & there is a couple of walks to do, you just don’t want to be there is ‘gale force winds’.

We started our journey back to the mainland, we stayed at a mates at St Marys, Sonja & Barry, they have just purchased a B&B there, the bed we slept in was enormous, drove to Devonport, spent the nite there & boarded the boat early on the 30th March, 2019.

So many ducks – they are cute.

Leaving Hobart.

Mt Wellington – WOW!

Our camp at Lime Bay State Reserve.

The boys going out to catch dinner.

Tide was out next morning & there was lotz of weed washed up.

Sun shining this morning – gorgeous.

Peter, Wendy & Jack setting out for their fishing expedition.

We are definitely having fish 2nite – Wendy is our lucky star.

These guys were feasting as well.

Looking back towards our camp from up the beach, well hidden although we not far from the water at high tide.

Dinner 2nite.

More dinner 2nite, I collected these fellows while the others were out in the boat.

So many of these critters, one even tried nibbling on my toe.

Another of the locals.

Peter & our gorgeous Ma (Wendy).

Ma & me.

Driving north, a farmer was obviously burning off stubble.

Stayed at Sonja & Barry’s place at St Marys – what a bed, it was massive.

Boarding the ‘Spirit of Tasmania’ 0800hrs 30th March, 2019.

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