Milikapiti #23

4th July, we went for a drive to southern part of Melville Island – Pitijmirra, the Tiwi College is located down here as well as a few outstations (a handful of people SOMETIMES live at outstations but usually use them as a holiday house), we drove through the outskirts of the college property to the beach eventually. They have a pretty good setup at the college, its for high school aged children who live in Milikapiti, they are collected on Mondays & are returned to the community on Fridays, the college is well staffed & caters for the kids while in their care. There is a freshwater creek(Takamprimili Ck) on the outskirts of the college which is a very popular swimming hole for the school & residents, although they have recently set up a crocodile trap slightly upstream as there was a siting of a croc, this creek runs all the way to the ocean.

Drove on a few interesting tracks to find the beach. The beach was quite lovely, very windy & definately did not have a swimming invitation. We actually found some cotton growing on the sand at the beach!!!

There has been quite a few fires around but the regrowth is putting on a show. Came across a few small mobs of horses, at the moment they are still in reasonable condition.

some of the school buildings at the college
crocodile trap set up above the road
otherside of road crossing On Takamprimili creek
This is a great track, easy to follow.
Found a holiday house at very end of one of the many tracks.

Found a few ponies throughout the drive
Discovered a beautiful afternoon lunch room
Fresh water wallow for buffalos on the upside of the beach
buffalo tracks across the low tide mark
a nice little creek running to the beach
The hermit crabs formed little groups in hang about in.
So many hermit crabs
Upland cotton
Harlequin glorybower
before the fire
after a fire
cycad regrowth
Rasp-leaf pelargonium

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