Milikapiti #22

Monday 3rd July, 2022 – 3 weeks today we fly out of Milikapiti, Tiwi Islands for the last time – WOW!

Last weekend we caught the Sealink ferry to Cullen Bay, Darwin, it took about 2 1/2 hours, was a little bit blowy but all good. We flew back to Milikapiti Tuesday morning, one stop at Pirlangimpi(the other community on Melville Island), as we were getting closer to the Tiwi Islands you could see the fires/smoke on Melville Island. On the runway at Pirlangimpi our pilot had a change of plan, instead of taking off we taxied up & down the runway a few times before take-off but this was due to a bird hazard, there was a flock of parrots feeding next to the runway.

July 1st – cracker night in the Northern Territory, the locals obviously managed to get some fireworks to set off, it went on for quite a few hours.

During my walks I came across quite a few beautiful flowers, at present the Grevillea pteridifolia (orange) is flowering perfusely as well as the Kapok, the swamp tea tree has just about finished but there are a few still flowering, in the burnt out areas the bright green cycads are springing up everywhere. The green ants are building houses everywhere.

WOW! I finally found an orchid – Phillippine ground orchid – its gorgeous.

Fires burning on Melville Island
Flock of parrots creating some havoc.
Flying over some of our old fishing spots.
The night skies around 7pm outside the sports club where we work.
July 1st – lotz of loud noise & colours in the sky
early morning walk time
Grevillea pteridifolia
cycads regrowing after a fire
Melaleuca cajuputi (swamp tea tree/bottle brush)
Green ant nests

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