Island stop at New Caledonia

One our stops on the cruise was New Caledonia, Noumea – a tropical island in the Pacific. We were very lucky to have a wonderful friend ‘Martine’ who lives there, Martine collected the 4 of us & showed us some parts of her beautiful country. We shared some light refreshments at her home which was awesome – Martine we will be back :-).

Our wonderful friend Martine & Peter.
This was one of the guns used in World War II against the Japanese.
We had a lovely cup of coffee at a resort next to the sea.
And of course there was a penguin.
The Cultural Centre.
Awesome views.
Our beautiful friend Martine.
Martine was a fantastic tour guide, full of information about her country.
This cow was made out of spam cans which came from the spam factory that is no longer working in New Caledonia.
Many woven items made out of grassess.
Lotz of wooden carvings – they were magnificent.
Quick rest stop.
This creation was made out of leaves.
refreshments on Martines balcony.
This tree was near a beach, an amazing amount of roots, a ficus taking over the trunk of a palm tree.

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