Going Cruising……..

WOW! Peter & I went on a 7 day cruise with great mates Shell & Ric, out of Sydney on a ‘Rock the Boat’ cruise to Noumea & back- amazing, the music was awesome & so much of it. We walked around the waterfront of Circular Quay before boarding & saw some interesting characters.

Peter, Shell & Ric getting in the mood for cruising.
This amazing mime was covered in gold….
Anyone for chess?
Lotz of these ‘local’ critters & they have tags.
There she is – our boat for the next 7 days
Obviously they let anyone on these boats.
We off, leaving Sydney town behind us.
So many of these plus others.
Too much yummy food.
Steve Balbey was part of MiSex but also performed as a solo – WOW!
This group travel Australia & the world performing the Bee Gee’s – they were really really good.
The lead guitar player from Choclate Star Fish – he was very good.
Glenn Shorrock & Brian Cadd blasted out a few tunes together & separately.
This guy performed a Ziggy show – tribute to David Bowie.
So many different artists.
Dave Gleeson.
The pool bar & dance floor.
Every evening our guy supplied us with some interesting characters.

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