Hamilton Downs Youth Camp – (2)

May 5th 2023 – a full moon arising. It was a beautiful night, the cloud didn’t hang around for very long so the sky was lit up with moonlight & many stars.

May 14th – We have now been here 2 weeks & have managed to do a few enjoyable walks, when we have clients depending on the group we usually only do a small walk ip Drover’s Hill, bit steep but not real long, when no clients we usually go for a few hours which we have managed to do the last few days. The flies are quite big in numbers but a small branch does the trick, there are quite a few cattle around so we have to expect to have flies. We have walked/staggered up some steep rocky hills so far without too many injuries so life is pretty good. We walked out along the creek yesterday & found a few small waterholes, not sure how long there will be water there for but one hole looked quite deep, I found quite a few fish, little fellows up to about 30cm long & heaps of tadpoles.

The wildflowers at the moment are beautiful, not sure if we will have much variety but the Yellow buttons & Califoria asters are divine.


looking over to the top bunkhouse from the cottage(our place)

cottage front garden looking at lower bunkhouse (behind trees) & kitchen

the view from front of cottage

a black cocky in flight

creek banks

they call this ‘sliding rock’

on one of our walks

i need a new fly swatter

its WOW! country

so much country……..

another day, another walk. My fly swatter – works a treat

a few small waterholes still around

the white blobs are actually small fish – lotz of them


no water up this end of the creek but lotz of cattle feed

lotz of bouquets of Yellow Buttons on our walk

quite high up

California aster – they are so petite & beautiful

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