Mary Kathleen Mine & Lake Moondarra – QLD

22nd April, 2023.

Spending a few days camped up in Mt.Isa, .

Mary Kathleen Mine – wow, a pretty amazing place, definately worthwhile visiting, even camping(free)would be very nice. There is so much recent history here. Lots of Giant milkweed flowering – such a pest. The colour of the water in the pit is a beautiful blue but there is no birdlife or signs of any animals going near the water – they know!

We drove out to Lake Moondarra – a beautiful lake but only for day use, heaps of boaties use this dam for fishing(baramundi are plentiful apparently), water skiing, general boating & swimming. The picnic area’s are well utilised & are really good, there are a few. No camping, caravan parks etc. Another place to definately visit & enjoy a relaxing, quiet time.

the track to the pit, countryside is quite green from recent rains

Apple of Sodom (Giant Milkweed)

a beautiful lake

picnic & day use area

A Kite sitting high in the rocks

a lot of boaties

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