Binns Track

25th/26th April

After leaving Tobermory Station we headed west along the Plenty Highway, it had dried out considerably since we were here 5 days ago. We camped up at an overnight stop opposite Jervious Station, a great little spot with a shade cover, 2 bbqs & rubbish bins – the site is maintained by the station & they do a great job.

We left the Plenty Hwy on the eastern side of Gemtree 69klms west of the Stuart Hwy, a small caravan park/roadhouse with camping & fossicking available, approximately 10klms after Gemtree we drove south down the Binns Track – a very enjoyable track in good condition, through station property & indigenous land & several gates. We arrived at ‘Old Ambalindum’ homestead, which is now part on Hale River Station, they have powered & unpowered sites and lotz of interesting characters in & around their gardens/yard – we camped up here for the night. The old homestead is well maintained & a great draw card for the tourist buses.

From here we continued on the Binns track & eventually arrived at the Ross River Retreat, 83klms from Alice Springs, we followed the Ross river on a delightful drive til we met the Ross Hwy then into Alice Springs.

o/night stop, opposite Jervious Station we had a great fire at the bbq where we cooked our yummy dinner

we followed the yellow track from the Plenty Hwy to the Hale River Homestead

not working but still cute

great track conditions

one of the few gates we had to open

plenty of feed for cattle

Caper bush

lotz of memorability in the shed office

Some cuties in the paddock

Lotz of quirky decorative statues/sculptures around the buildings

shovel plant

a blooming metal tree

our camp site

Hale River homestead to Alice via Ross river – blue line

Ross River

we actually followed the grader – track very good

Silverleaf nightshade

beautiful countryside with the East MacDonalds in the background.

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