William Creek – (2)

We treated ourselves to a flight over Lake Eyre, no water but still an amazing experience & our pilot did a great job with hardly any bumps. William Creek is surrounded by Anna Creek Station which happens to be the largest working station in not only Australia but the world, it is 23,677sq klm which is slightly larger than Israel. There are scattered water points/or dams approximately every 10klms, we saw a few cattle at some of these on our flight. The following photos are taken while flying over north & south Lake Eyre – it was a great experience.

Woo ho – here we go…..

overlooking a small section of Anna Ck Station

cattle at one of the many dams/water points

Erosion caused by previously heavy rain

mist rising from the salt lake

Donald Campbell set his land speed record in this section of the lake.

The blue line follows the track we drove, on the map Arkaroona Wilderness to Copely, Marree, William Creek, Cobar Peddy up the Stuart Hwy towards Alice Springs.

We were advised in William Creek not to go to Oodanatta unless we wanted to be stuck there as there was rain forcast. It was good advise, we stopped at Cobar Peddy, fuelled up us & the ute & headed north, the skies opened, not too heavy at first, we camped up approximately 12oklms south of the NT/SA border, just got set up & the rain came down. It rained all night, at 0730 hrs the rain stopped so we shut up camp & drove on, the rain returned, we drove through to Alice Springs & camped in caravan park for 2 nites – it was very cold until the stopped.

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