Noccundra 7/04/2023

Noccundra is approximately 142klms west of Thargomindah (QLD) along the Adventure Way/Bulloo Development Rd & it is situated on the Wilson river. There is a well known pub there that was built in the late 1800’s & is still serving beers. The camping area is now located on the banks of the Wilson River which is about 750m walk from the pub – WOW, what amazing camping, you can camp up anywhere on the banks of the river & its glorious, the river is typical outback town caramel colour but its still very lovely, lotz of birdlife, even saw a couple of my favourites – pelicans, had dinner over a lovely little fire & the moon was rising to be in full. We were here Good Friday so the pub was not open but I would recommend this place as a fantastic camp up spot. It is a free camp with toilets & hot showers available next door to the pub – there is a donation box which I hope everyone uses.

Cameron Corner here we come. 🙂


showers/toilets – amazing

2 of my fav’s on the Wilson River

we had a great little fire, awesome coals to cook dinner on.

here she comes…..

WOW! what an awesome full moon we shared.


crossing the Wilson River on route to Cameron Corner

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