Back on the road again – woo ho!

After spending time with family & friends it was great to get those wheels turning. We had wonderful times with family & friends & it is always a joy to spend time with these amazing people but the road does seem to have some sort of pull that gets us moving again – it is now March 2023 & we ae off again.

Spent a few days visiting cousins at Pitsworth – thankx Ros & Neil, Ros had some beautiful dragon fruit flowering – wow! they were awesome. We drove south then through Warwick, Killarney, Woodenbong, Urbanville, Bonalbo to Casino – some amazing countryside looking wonderful with the recent rains, we actually drove through some showers at times & it continued once we got to Casino. We spent 4 nights in Casino visiting Peter’s Mum & families – it was wonderful.

We then headed west on the Bruxton Hwy to Tenterfield, approximately 40klms east of Tenterfield we pulled up not far from the Crooked Creek rest stop & camped up for the night – no one else, just us & a little rain….We managed to get a fire happening to cook dinner – it was quite a nice spot.

Dragon fruit flowers.

Mt. Lindsay in (r) background with sorghum in the foreground.

Lotz of rain/mist in the hills on the way to Tenterfield

Not far from Crooked Creek rest stop

our camp for the nite

yummy dinner.

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