April 4th, 2023.

Left Mingoola Station & headed towards Texas, Glenlyon dam only 6klms away – quite a nice spot. The road to Texas crosses over the Glenlyon dam wall which is very nice, so much water, lotz of cacti fruiting along the roadside.

It was very nice driving through this country, all the animals fat & lotz of feed for them. Not a lot of road kill which is nice, drove through a few country towns & arrived at Goondiwindi, the home of the mighty Gunsynd, fuelled up & did some food shopping then kept going. Got to a little place called Toobeah & camped up behind a pub – very nice. We dined at the pub which was a really nice place.

Driving towards the dam wall

lotz of cactus fruiting at present

other side of dam wall

driving over the wall

the dam can be seen from a long way

WOW! the Goondiwindi Grey.

another mural in goondiwindi

our camp – very comfortable

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