Cairns, Elarish, Mirriwinni, Cardwell, Townsville, Ayr & Theresa Creek Dam

Spent a few days in Cairns doing running repairs etc, then drove to Elarish & caught up with Peter’s sister Margaret her son Ben & family – was great to spend night there, next stop Miriwinni – cousins Danny & Julie, always good when the girls flog the boys in 500 -thankx guys. Cardwell for 3 days with great mates Mandy & Raymond, Peter had a game of golf – very enjoyable time as usual in Cardwell. Next night we camped up just south of Townsville with John & Lyn, friends from Beenleigh- it’s amazing in the places where you catch up with mates. From here we went to Ayr, we stayed with Belina, Terry & girls – we met these wonderful people on Croker Island 5 years ago & have kept in contact.

Cardwell – such a beautiful place.
My amazing mate Mandy
cute little honey eater trying soooo hard to build a home!
Our good friend Belina – Ayr

Theresa Creek Dam is approximately 22klms SW of Clermont-a very delightful spot, lotz of unpowered sites scattered around the lake, water skiing & redclaw catching seem to be the most favourite of activities, we met up with Gary & Rae, our good friends from Bargara here. We spent a few nights here & put the little boat in, very nice, with the boat we were able to put some redclaw pots around the dam where you weren’t able to walk. Gary caught 99% of the redclaw in the pots he threw in off the bank, the boat pots were not very successful but it was nice out on the water.

From Theresa Creek we drove approximately 270klms (W) to Lake Dunn via Laglan Rd. Lake Dunn is a fresh water lake located on Ballneety Rd, Dunrobin in the Upland district. We drove over Mistake Creek, there were quite a few ‘pink bauhinia’ trees full of flower along the banks, also saw lotz of moo, some very cute ones too.

our homes for the next few days
Champayne breaky – yummo
just after sunset
lotz of these critters feasting in the fig trees
Gary checking some pots
so many beauties on the water
out in the boat
on the road again
stopped briefly at Mistake Creek
Mistake Creek
pink bauhinia

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