The Beauty of Kununurra after rain.

February 2020.

Yes, we have had more rain which is awesome especially for the adventurous locals & the early tourists this year. But will definitely be nice to get some more follow-up rain. Went out boating with Ben & Bec, end February, up Lake Kununurra towards Lake Argyle met Fritz & Matt (broken down) along the way so they jumped in with us. Had an awesome afternoon, walked up to Harry’s Hideaway – great walk & quite interesting.

WOW! the waterfalls are truly magnificent & lotz of fun, photo’s do not do them justice, the river water was a bit discoloured but still enjoyable for a quick dip, we did see a few freshies but all was good.

One thought on “The Beauty of Kununurra after rain.”

  1. Thanks for the photos lit’s beautifull : seems the lockdown in Australia isn’t too difficult ! Lucky you ! Î’m stuck in france for a while ,at least untill the end of may ,i expect according to what we hear on television … Well ,i have to cop with !I ‘ ve been stopped on my way to Argentina and NZ where i ´d have met my son: have to report all this …next year ! Have fun and be happy ! Martine

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