Driving Kununurra to Normanton

Flew into Kununurra Sunday 22March, drove out Tuesday 24th early morning heading to QLD before all the borders closing due to the corona virus, we are starting a new job at Normanton in the gulf of QLD.

We did daily temperatures(which were all good) in case we got pulled up by police. Crossing over to the NT not a problem as they were closing the border after we got through, 1st night we stayed at Renner Springs (NT), quite a nice little spot – lotz of mossies. Next night found us in Mt Isa, got into QLD a few hours before they shut down, the army & police were on the border checking NT bound vehicles. Did a little shopping, not many people in caravan park & the managers said they would be closing down in the near future. Drove to Flinders River (approx 60klms south of Normanton) & camped the night – lovely, didn’t catch any fish but was enjoyable. Arrived at Normanton Friday morning just after smoko & set up our new home for the next few months or so. Start work Monday. 🙂

Fueling up in Kununurra.
The WA/NT border – 8 hours before border checks heading east.
We took our temperatures daily & documented them just in case there was an issues regarding our travels.
Flowering grasses all along the roads.
Drove through a storm prior to Elliot (NT), very beautiful rainbows & very heavy rain.
Our camp at Renner Springs.
Along the Barkly Highway, good to see some green grass.
Driving towards the NT/QLD border – police & army stopping NT bound vehicles but waved us through, QLD closing border tonight at midnight.
Welcome to QLD. Cows kissing cars………..
Visitors at our camp at Mt Isa.
Flinders River – a lovely camp spot.
A red Frangipani – beautiful, found in the main street of Normanton.

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