Triple J Tours, Kununurra.

I began working at Triple J Tours in Kununurra June 10th, working in the kitchen baking cakes, muffins & pumpkin scones & doing food preparations for boat tours up the Ord River.

I did a J4 tour – this particular tour goes from Knx to the bottom of the wall of Lake Argyle & returns to Knx, stops for morning tea along the way & the skippers gives a great commentary along the way about the history, birdlife & vegetation – its very good.

Date & pineapple cake served with cream cheese icing.

Lime & cream cheese tarts with paw paw & lime zest.

Fruit tray of paw paw & rock melon.

Cheese platter.

We pulled up for morning tea at a designated stop.

Morning tea area.

They have pretty awesome toilets.

Lotz of these critters (catfish) hug the bank while the boat is here, people feed them.

So much beauty along the way.

A feral bull snacking on the combungee.

New Zealand in the rocks.

Gorgeous sunsets.

Diversion Dam bridge lights across the Ord River.

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