Back to Kununurra.

Got into Kununurra on May 4th, good time visiting friends all the way from Brisbane then got to spend a little bit of time with Ben in Katherine. Peter & I house sitting a friends house for a while. Celebrations for my good friend Di – 60th, a great night of festivity.

While house sitting at our friend Silke’s place we had the company of a childs python in the pantry, I decided it was time for him to play outside.

Pelicans – such a beautiful bird.

Stumbled across this chappy sunbaking on a grid next to the channel.

Sunrise – such a beautiful time of day.

Some of the boy’s toy’s.

Peter driving the tedderer, this spreads the hay out & fluffs it up to dry it out quicker.

Black cockies – so many of them here in Knx.

Peter standing on a pallett on the telehandler cleaning the solar panel used which regulates the water, I was driving the telehandler & he was about 3m above ground level…………he has faith in me!!!!!

So many of these but they are pretty.

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