Derwent Bridge

Derwent Bridge is located half way between Hobart & Strahan on the Lyell Highway at the southern end of the Cradle Mt -Lake Clair National Park in the Tasmanian Highlands. There is an RV camp within the grounds of the Hotel which was well patronised, we found a little corner to park in that was just a little too rough for the caravans & whizz bangers – great for us. We dined at the pub for dinner, very nice & the fireplaces were awesome & off course they had fantastic toilets & information stands across the road.

1o minutes up the road from the hotel, we stopped in to look at the ‘The Wall’ – WOW! – it is truly amazing; its inside a very large shed looking building, no photographs are allowed to be taken inside but if you google the site you will see a few of the sculptures. It is one mans vision (Greg Duncan) – over a decade to create the most ambitious & unique artwork open to the public in Australia today, the wall is funded by the artist & is nearing competition, it consists of 100 hand sculpted timber panels each being 1m wide & 3m tall. The scale of the work is staggering &must be seen to be believed. It is history in the making. Most of the wooden sculptures are made out of Huon Pine. Also in the coffee shop they make the bestest ever fresh scones, straight out of the oven served with berry jam & cream…mmmmm

Highland Cattle – cuties.

One of the many lookouts along the road.

It was interesting with the vapour trial.

The Great Lakes – stretches for miles.

Damage from the recent fires – left the countryside very desolate.

Our camp spot not far from the Derwent Bridge Hotel.

These items for well utilised, the mossies were rather large.

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