Deloraine #1

We stopped in Deloraine to do some washing & ended up staying 3 days, we had alternator issues with the ute & things only get done in ‘Tassie Time’ which was fine, we camped at the caravan park on the Meander river, a beautiful little spot. Did quite a bit of walking & checking out the town, along the main street there are hundreds of statuettes of people, animals, actions etc – they are amazing, so this blog is full of them but there was more I didn’t get to photograph, under each of these figures there was a plaque naming the statue.

The camp spot was full of ducks & turbo chooks & a few people. Our 1st morning there was a frost – WOW! (12,13 & 14th March) – its been quite a while since we have seen one of these & felt one of these, beanies, hot water bottle, big coat & trackies, but the days were lovely.

Turbo chooks galore.

Our camp.

Looking at our camp from across the river.

Ducks everywhere.

Frost this morning, 1st time we have experienced frost in a long time.

Even the ducks were cold……


Fabulous furred & feathered friends.

Meditation stance.

Champion axeman.


‘I got one’

Exploring the Western Tiers.

Serving the community.

Peace Man.


Deloraine Belle

Tree protector..

Growing children.

Suit of Honor.

Mountain Cattlemen

Place your bets.



Time for a coffee.

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