Narawntapu National Park – Bakers Beach

 What a beautiful spot.

We spent 4 nights here, Narawntapu NP was formerly known as Asbestos Range NP but due to a lack of asbestos an aboriginal name change happened & is a place of peace for people & wildlife. Dubbed the ‘Serengeti of Tasmania’ it is one of the best places in Tassie to view wildlife, the park is located between Port Sorell & Greens Beach.

We had an amazing campsite looking out into the water, there were 2m tides but at low tide there was a large amount of exposed sand which was readily enjoyed by birdlife & humans & was great to put our little boat in & leave it anchored overnight.

We went out fishing everyday, caught enough for a feed everyday except the last day (the only real sunny day), it was windy & cold even with the sun so after Peter caught one ‘keeper’ flathead we headed back to camp. The fish we caught were flathead, salmon, wrasse & golden eye mullet – they were all very yummy. We actually caught mega amounts of fish but they weren’t all keepers, but it was wonderful to be out in the boat again – so much fun.

Quite a lot of wildlife, didn’t see any devils or wombats but lotz of birdlife. They have organised horse riding treks from here & you can also bring your own ponies, everything is set up – its quite wonderful.

What a great sign, you don’t see many of these anywhere.

The view from our campsite, the tide has just started to go down.

Our campsite.

Our campsite from the water.

Peter setting up our fishing gear.

Our ‘happy” little boat.

Woo ho – here we go.

The professor is on the job……


Well maybe not this one but there will be more (keepers).

This fellow was stalking Peter every time he caught a fish.

So many swans.

Yea, got to see one pelican.


Just love it out on the boat, even better when you are catching fish.

So very beautiful

So many critters..

Unfortunately, the weather was not always kind, but it was still great fun except the last day although the sun was shining it was TOOOOO cold to stay our very long.




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