Garden Island at Clarence Point

Clarence Point is situated on Garden Island(not really an island, don’t know why its called that)……north of Beaconsfield & at the mouth of the Tamar River.(northern Tasmania)

We spent 3 nights here, 2 of those nights with great mates Jenelle & Darren, it was lovely, very windy & probably a place we won’t bother to re-visit, but we had a fantastic time with those 2 crazy folk.

Peter & I went for a stroll before Jenelle & Darren arrive, it was a little on the COOL side.

Our campsite.

Our camp.

You always need at least one scary pic – not you Jenelle……hahaha

Jenelle & I went shucking & came back with a great feast.

Yummo – oysters were good too.

As the sun is rising you can see George Town in the background, no driving there from here but you could boat across the Tamar river to get there.

You can see the oysters just waiting to be appreciated.

Is quite a lovely place, but the wind is a little crazy.

Darren preparing his secret family recipe for hash browns – they were yummo.

Lotz of time indulging in card games – especially a-soles & presidents……..

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